Authentic Pre-owned Louis Vuitton Taiga Epicea Pochette Kourad Clutch Bag M30194 190250


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Size W 260 x H 180 x D 60 (mm)
Size (Inch) W 10 1/4" x H 7 1/8" x D 2 3/8"
Handle Length 420(mm)
Handle Length (Inch) 16 1/2 "
Retail Price $ 950 USD-
Model No M30194
Material TAIGA Leather
Main Color Epicea(Dark Green)
Made in France
Serial Number SP0976
Accessories Nothing
Inside Condition -Clean and few minor stains and few minor scratches.
-Inside and outside pocket lining started to peel off and is flaky and sticky,stuck together.(See the upper pictures)
*Louis Vuitton can replace the lining. But it will take few months to repair.
Outside Condition -Part has minor scratches and wrinkles(bottom),and corner&edge has rubbed a little.
-Leather strap has rubbed and partly peeled off.*It does not affect normal use.
Zipper Zipper runs smoothly.
Smell Item has bit of smell.(used)


Inside:AB  Outside:AB

Condition Detail
Condition N
The item is in brand new condition. However some models may be dated.
Condition S
The item is almost brand new with only been used a few times by the previous owner.
Condition A
The item is in great condition with very few small visual scratches and was beautifully kept.
Condition B
The item has some used taste with scratches, some deformed parts and other damaged or worn parts.
Condition C
The item is in poor condition with noticeable scratches, worn parts and other damages.
Condition D
The item has severe worn, crack, stain, and scratched damages. Please refer from the picture that is shown.